Princeton Ballroom 2013-2014.

Welcome! The goal of this wikispace is to create a detailed manual of the steps we learn. There are sites that have step charts and the like, but it's difficult to grasp the details just by looking at a video or a diagram. This wiki will use words to communicate those details. Understand that this wikispace is NOT a substitute for learning from a teacher, attending practice, etc. There are some things that words simply do not communicate. But that being said, this wiki is pretty gosh-darn amazing.

In addition, this wikispace and its pages are always under construction. Hence, there may be missing pages, missing content, etc. Understand that we try to update this wiki to be as current as possible, but content creation isn't easy. Also, the information in this wikispace may not be 100% accurate or correct. They are (as of now), a three-man ensemble's interpretation of steps. Obtain a wide variety of perspectives and keep an open mind. That way, you'll learn.

Happy Dancing!

1.5 weeks of class. Reading Period. Exams. Let's GOOOO!

What's New (3/30):
Heads Up: Until summer, Ballroom updating is going on hiatus (Steven). Except for the occasional funny things update, this site will be static until summer. Of which, I will proceed to go through everything to correct the mistakes, adding new moves, possibly creating animated step charts.

Upcoming Things to be Written: This may not occur for a while. Competition Season is well underway.
Jive Turn: N/A
Samba: 20% done. ETC: N/A.
Twist Turn in Tango.
Foxtrot: 4% done. ETC: N/A. Need more review. Been too long. (Steven).
Paso Doble: 0% done.
Advanced Moves: Cosmos's call. ETC: Ongoing.

Follower Perspective HELP:
In dance, both partners should know the other's steps. But I'm still learning, so I don't know the follower moves. The following pages are in need of instructions for followers. If you're willing to write, just let me (Steven Tsai) know!
  • Competition Day: What followers do with outfits, makeup.
  • Cha-Cha Bronze: Alemana, Fan, Hockey Stick.
  • Jive Newcomer: Fallaway Throwaway, Change of Hands, Change of Place, Hip Bump,
  • Jive Bronze: American Spin, Mooch, and Whip.
  • Waltz: Natural Spin Turn, Whisk and Chasse
  • Tango: 2 curving walks and open reverse turn.

Advanced Concepts HELP:
Every page needs advanced concepts written up (for obvious reasons, I can't do that just yet. Maybe in a year or two). If you're willing to write, just let me know!