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Introduction: A Bronze level move for Jive.
Frame: Standard. Count: 1-2, Triple Step, Triple Step. See Jive Basic.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
You start this step in open position, right-hand-to-right-hand with your partner. Leader steps are essentially the basic, with a small variation in direction. The general idea with regards to helping your partner do the American Spin is to be a wall; do not push hard, but do not give way. The follower will need something off of which they can bounce and spin.
1. Standard rock-step. Move weight onto the back foot, crossing behind the right while lifting/pointing it. Be sure to keep the swing motion that is so essential to Jive; do not simply stop and move back. Use your momentum to help facilitate this. Conclude by replacing right.
2. Triple-step forward. Again, like a standard triple-step, but translating forwards rather than to the side. As far as footwork goes, this is left-right-left. As you travel forward, (gently) bring your partner's arm closer to your waist. Between this triple-step and the next one, give a slight push to your partner's hand, and then let go. The point of this is more to act as a solid object than to actually push your partner; do not overdo it.
3. Triple-step to the right.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
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Tips and Tricks
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Advanced Concepts
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