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Introduction: A Newcomer level move for Jive.
Frame: Standard. Count: 1-2, Triple Step, Triple Step. See Jive Basic.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently. Leaders stay in place, followers move around. Begin in Open Position.
Note: There is a Change of Place L to R and Change of Place R to L. R to L has not been taught yet...I think....

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
Change of Place L to R
You've executed a Fallaway Throwaway and so are now in Open Position, with weight on right leg, left hand connected to follower, though the right arm is disconnected. What Change of Place L to R consists of is you triple-stepping in place. You don't deviate from your original position
more than a foot in any direction. You are the anchor.
1-2: Rock Step. You begin and end with weight on your right leg.
Triple Step: Triple Step forward and rotate. Said rotation is 90 degrees to your right and is spread out over the triple step. During this time, left arm goes up. Reason being: the follower is triple-stepping and rotating underneath your left arm.
Triple-Step: You are now facing 90 degrees to the right of where you originally started. Follower should be in front of you. Triple-step to your right.
Now, what do you do? Two Options.
Option1: Continue executing Change of Place, L to R. 4 times is about the maximum. Otherwise, you'll get dizzy. And it's boring.
Option2: Go back into frame. Simply execute a rockstep and when you do a triple step, just slide back into frame.

Change of Place R to L.

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Instructions (Follower Perspective)
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Tips and Tricks
  • Directions: You rotate 90 degrees. Each time. No Exception. For both Leader and Followers, 90 degrees is a good thing to follow because you are either parallel to each other or the follower is rotating along the line presented by the leader. Regardless, followers, you need to spin enough to be parallel to your partner. Leaders, it's your job to show where that parallel line is.
  • Wombo-Combo: At the end of Change of Place, you can go into lots of things since you end up in open position. Hip-Bump, etc.

Advanced Concepts
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