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Introduction: A Silver(?) level move for Cha-Cha.
Frame: Latin. Count: 4 beats.
Leaders and Followers: The Syllabus says these moves are silver level? I am unsure of this, but Werner taught us these chasses on 12/7.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
There are two chasses that you have already learned in addition to this. Side Chasse and Forward Chasse.

Side Chasse
I kid you not, this is literally cha-cha-cha. It's the first thing you learned in cha-cha-cha! Keep in mind efficient weight transfer when doing this!

Forward/Back Chasse
You utilized this during the three Cha Cha Chas. Essentially, this move goes by the count of cha-cha-cha. Either your right or left foot steps forward. Then, the other foot locks behind the front foot. Then, you push off with your back foot to make your front foot go forward. Repeat as needed.
When going backwards, it's the same as going forward with the lock and the weight, but you're just going backwards.

Ronde Chasse
Cha-Cha-Cha to your right. From this position, you begin Ronde Chasse.
2: Left foot steps forward. Nothing new here.
3: This is new. Normally, with all steps, you never want to swing your leg out or trace a circular path. An example is the Spot Turn, where you in fact want to slide your back foot past your front for maximum efficiency. Here, as you transfer your weight to the right (back) foot, the left foot traces out a semicircle. At the conclusion of 3, your left foot should have overshot and gone about 25 degrees past the back of your right foot.
Cha1: Feet are together. Weight transfer to your left foot.
Cha2: Feet still stay together. Weight transfer to your right foot.
Cha3: Push off with your right foot to get your left foot to step to your left.

Twist Chasse
Also known as hip-twist chasse, start with your weight on your left leg, right foot pointed.
2: Right foot steps back. Nothing new here.
3: You weight transfer to your left foot. Have your hips point slightly to the left.
Cha1: Right foot steps forward. At the same time, your left foot spins on its ball and now faces left. Feet should be perpendicular to each other. During this moment, your hips are pointing right. Weight is on right leg.
Cha2: Hip twist, weight transfer in place from your right leg to your left leg.
Cha3: Step out with your right foot, pushing off with your left foot.

Slip Chasse
Start with weight on your right leg, left foot pointed.
2: Left foot steps forward.
3: Weight shifts back onto your right leg.
Cha1: Left foot steps back.
Cha2: Right foot slips back slightly, about 1/3 of the distance between where the right foot and left foot were originally.
Cha3: Weight is on your right leg. You twist your hips to the right, meaning your left foot consequently comes forward next to your right foot. Then, finish with a dramatic hip twist to your left to have your weight on your left leg.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
Same as the Leader.

Tips and Tricks
  • Practice. Here's how you practice to go through all five chasses. Weight on left leg initially, do 2 Side chasses, then a forward/back chasse, then a hip twist chasse, rondo chasse, hip twist chasse, then finish with a slip chasse.

Advanced Concepts
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