Thanks to Cosmo Zheng for writing this.
Introduction: A gold level move for Tango.
Frame: Standard. Count: S Q Q
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)

  1. Begin by lowering through both knees
  2. Extend your L foot forward ball-flat (without weight transfer for now) -- think of sliding your L foot underneath the lady, without affecting her center of gravity.
  3. Sharply, transfer 50% of your weight to your L, while simultaneously opening your R side forward, using rotation in your hips and torso to create the contra-body position. Head looks slightly to the R. Your L foot should be flat while your R heel comes off the ground.
  4. First Q: Transfer weight back to R foot, maintaining body position and pivoting slightly to the R
  5. Second Q: Bring the L foot diagonally forward and switch to promenade position

Instructions (Follower Perspective)

  1. Extend R foot back on ball of the foot, maintaining your center of gravity (imagine sitting back onto an imaginary chair)
  2. Transfer 50% of your weight onto your R, going into contrabody position and shaping to your left
  3. First Q: Transfer weight back to L foot, pivoting slightly to the R and/or following the man's lead
  4. Second Q: Bring your R foot out to end in promenade position

Tips and Tricks
  • Instructional video:
  • Leaders: As always in standard, movements are initiated through the base, while your head and upper body should be reacting. This is especially important for the contra check, since having your weight solidly between your feet prior to any rotation in the head/upper body will help maintain balance for both you and your partner.

Advanced Concepts

Weight distribution in Tango

Contrabody motion in Tango

Shaping in Tango