Thanks to Cosmo Zheng for writing this.
Introduction: A common silver level move for Waltz.
Frame: Standard. Count: Different for leader/follower
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
Leader's Count: 1 2 3-and

  1. Directly forward HT on L, stepping onto straight leg (with an immediate rise).
    • On the ball of your left foot, turn approximately 90 degrees to the L.
  2. Side step with R, remaining on the ball of that foot.
    • The right foot will serve as a pivot for the remainder of this step (i.e. your center of weight should be over this foot).
    • Rotate approximately 180 degrees to the L, gently guiding your partner to step around you, keeping frame with them.
  3. Close L foot to R, with a partial weight transfer to the L to control/stop your spin.
    • 3-and: Lower and transfer weight back to R.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
Follower's Count: 1 2-and 3

  1. Curving backward TH on R, keeping the pressure in the L heel.
    • Turn approximately 90 degrees to the L while letting the leader pass in front of you.
  2. Close L foot to R, keeping the heel pressure on the floor.
    • Once closed, perform an approximately 180 degree heel turn for a full Double-Reverse.
    • 2-and: Side step with R (ball only), passing in front of the man.
  3. Cross L foot in front of R, lowering again onto heels.

Tips and Tricks
  • Video:
  • Leaders: it is sometimes helpful to lower more coming out of your previous figure, so that you have more room to rise on step 1; remember that the more rise you give to your first step, the easier it will be for your follower to do the heel turn.
  • There is no need to rush or apply excessive force to try and make it around this turn. Instead, focus on leading the heel turn well, and then rely on the follower to make her way around you with minimal energy required from you -- think "I spin you, then you spin me".

Advanced Concepts

Leader's quick-rise

Follower's heel turn