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Introduction: A Newcomer level move for Jive.
Frame: Standard. Count: 1-2, Triple Step, Triple Step. See Jive Basic.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently. Often used as a segue into say, change of place, hip bump etc.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
You begin in closed position with your partner and will end up in open position.
1-2: Rock Step. See Jive Basic on how to do a proper Rock Step.
Now is where all the fun begins.
3-Ah-4: Triple step to the left as usual. However, lower your left arm to waist level to signal to your partner you wish to go into Fallaway Throwaway. In addition, because your partner needs to go from being in front of you to being to the left of you, you need to begin turning your partner during this triple step. Completion of the turn occurs at the very beginning of the next triple step.
5-Ah-6: Quickly rotate 90 degrees to your left. You are now facing 90 degrees left of the direction you originally faced. At the very beginning of this triple step, your right arm should let go of your follower's shoulder. This should also stem from the fact that you rotated the follower, so separation should be natural. Your left hand it still holding the follower's right hand though.
Do a triple step diagonally forward, with your right arm parallel to the floor, like an outstretched wing. The reason you're going slightly forward instead of right is because your partner is moving away from you. The diagonally forward helps keep you connection intact. You should end with your right leg as the one with the weight on it.

Note: The transition between the triple steps does not need to be what I just described, a quick rotation/spin of 90 degrees. If you like, you can in the first triple step, begin rotating yourself. In essence, spreading out the turn over the triple step count instead of doing it all at the very end.
Note2: The above instructions are an extremely basic description of what happens. Please read T&T below for a more comprehensive and nuanced explanation.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
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Tips and Tricks
  • How do I get back into frame?!?: Read Change of Place.
  • Rotation: Mr. Leader. You need to rotate your partner. Seriously. If you don't, you'll leave your partner behind, which results in awkward frame and angry partner. Don't do that. At all times, your partner should be in front of you, not behind you. If your right arm hurts from stretching backwards because you're not bringing your partner around, that's your fault.
  • Jive Basic. Everything said in Jive Basic still applies here. Weight transfer, dips, straight legs, the whole lot. Don't let yourself fall into sloppy technique just because you're doing a move that requires some change of direction.
  • That Second Triple Step: For the leader. Because your partner is moving away from you, were you simply to travel in a direction perpendicular to your partner, that would probably strain your frame. So rather than doing a triple step to your right, go diagonally forward.
  • Small Steps: Like everything in Jive, small steps please. Big steps = slow, awkward, clunky, ow. Small steps look better and in the context of fallaway throwaway, make maintaining connection with your partner loads easier.

Advanced Concepts
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