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Introduction: A Bronze level move for Cha-Cha.
Frame: Latin. Count: 4 beats.
Leaders and Followers: Hockey Stick is usually preceded by the Fan. Similar to Fan, there are two versions: Jeff's Simplified Version and Werner's choreography version (requires knowledge of Slip Chasse).

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
You have just finished Fan. Your current position should be weight on your right foot, left foot pointed. For your upper body, right arm is extended horizontally, though bent at the elbow. Left arm is bent at the elbow, at most a few inches away from your torso. Your partner is to your left and is in your exact position, just mirrored.
2: Left foot steps forward into a lock step.
3: Weight rocks back onto your right foot.
Cha-Cha-Cha: Two Versions. You may either do a cha-cha-cha in place OR execute a slip chasse. With the cha-cha-cha in place, you shouldn't deviate from your current position as you're simply picking up your feet and shifting weight in place. With regards to both versions, you end up the same. Feet together, weight on left foot, right foot on toes.
2: Normally, you would do a full step back. But you can't here. The reason being: your partner is traveling in front of you, and you need can't go far. So your right foot will step back, behind your left. Literally, your feet should be 90 degrees, with your right foot toe right behind your left foot heel. Regarding the upper body, your partner is now in front of you. Your left arm: do an army salute, rotate the hand so that the palm faces out, make sure elbow is at 90 degrees. Your follower's right arm is also at 90 degrees, meaning the two of you form a window. See T&T Below.
3. Your left foot steps forward at a 45 degree angle to the right of the direction you were originally facing when doing Cha-Cha-Cha. Your follower is now in front of you. Your left arm's placement is dependent upon what the follower wants. That could be on the follower's left side, in the original window position, etc.
AND. It is on this precise count, not earlier, not later, that you spin your partner. Don't you DARE YANK. It's a gentle pull, which should be enough to get your partner spinning and facing you.
4 and 1: With your right foot, do a forward cha-cha-cha.
2: Left foot steps forward. From here, you can return to doing basic cha-cha.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
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Tips and Tricks
  • Window. When count 2 is being completed, leader and follower form a window with their left and right arms respectively. Look at your partner through this window. (Deep into the eyes and into the soul). As soon as count 2 completes, the follower looks away and straight ahead.
  • That Arm. During count 3, the follower determines if her right arm is on her left side or left in the original position. This is a matter of comfort, and for once, the follower calls the shots, not the leaders. Either way, on the AND of 3, the leader pulls gently to spin the follower to face the leader.
  • Love you, hate you, looks like I need you. In Jeff's words, that's how the 2, 3, And counts work. 2 is where you look at each other through the window. 3 is where the follower looks away. The AND of 3 is where the leader says, "nopes."
  • Hockey Stick. It's called this because the steps trace out a hockey stick apparently.

Advanced Concepts
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