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Introduction: A Bronze level move for Jive.
Frame: Latin. Count: 1-2, Kick-Kick, 1-2, Triple Step See Jive Basic.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers do the same kicking, but the difference lies in the transition.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
You enter the Mooch either having finished a Whip or just from a regular triple Step. The way to do so is to simply rotate your partner to your right so you both face the same direction, connected via your right arm and your partner's left arm. The unconnected arms are parallel to the ground, like wings. We assume that your partner begins on your right.
1-2: Rock Step with your left foot.
Kick-Kick: One Kick = One Triple Step. You always kick with your outside foot first. You kick to the ground, foot pointed, and it's fast. When the foot is coming out, you should already be thinking about retracting it.
1-2: Rock-Step again with your left foot.
Triple-Step: Triple Step to your left in place. During this move, your partner goes from your right to your left by simply by rotating across in front of you.
Repeat the above for the left side as well.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)

Same as the Leader, the only difference is that the leader does all the signaling. When rolling during the Triple-Step, make sure you do a triple-step. Also, take larger steps than because you need to get from one side of the leader to the other.

Tips and Tricks
  • Kicks: Fast, sharp, pointed, to the ground.
  • Friendly Fire: Your partner is kicking when you're kicking. Don't kick each other, so when doing outside kicks, point them forward rather than to the side and into your partner. For inside kicks, don't have your feet clash.

Advanced Concepts
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