Introduction: A Newcomer level move for QuickStep.
Frame: Standard. Count: SQQSSSS
Leaders and Followers: As one unit.

Doing Progressive Chasses + Quarter Turns, despite those being bread-butter of Quickstep, gets awful boring real fast. There are multiple things you can do to change it up (natural turn with pivot, hesitation, reverse turn, etc.) This one here is the Natural Spin Turn. Remember this one from Waltz? It's pretty much the exact same, just different directions and timing.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
Think of Natural Turn in Quickstep. Natural Spin Turn is Natural Turn, you just....turn more. Enough so that rather than proceeding in a new direction (270 turn), you do 360 so you keep on going the same way you came. Let's assume you just finished a chasse.

Slow1: Right foot steps forward, heel-toe.
Quick1: Left foot steps to your left, lands on toe.
Quick2: Right foot closes with left foot, also steps on toe.
4 Slows now follow.
Slow1: Left foot steps backward, toe-heel. Turn toes slightly to the right to facilitate turn.
Slow2: Right foot steps backward, but turn your foot while its in the air so you land heel-toe. When your foot lands, turn turn turn! You have to turn enough on this pivot to make it around backing diagonal center!
Slow3: Left foot steps back, toe-heel, backing diagonal center.
Slow4: Right foot steps back, toe-heel. Proceed down the original line of dance like nothing happened.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
Slow1: Left foot steps backwards, toe-heel.
Quick1: Right foot steps to your right, lands on toe. Remember to be considerate to your partner and not take a large step. Leader needs to get around you.
Quick2: Left foot closes with right, also steps on toe.

4 Slows now follow.
Slow1: Right foot steps forward, heel=toe. Turn slightly to your right to facilitate turn.
Slow2: Left side swings forward, past partner. Land with your left foot. Now, PIVOT! TURN! YOU MUST TURN! See T&T on how to do this well. You'll be turning on your ball/toe.
Slow3: Facing diagonal center, right foot steps forward, toe-heel.
Slow4: Left foot steps forward, heel-toe. Proceed normally

Tips and Tricks
  • Turn!: Easily the hardest part of this move is the actual "turn." Leaders, allow your partner to swing by you and be considerate by not taking a large step on Slow2. Followers, turn on Slow2 and keep good balance on your left leg. That's your pivot leg.
  • Other Couples: Throwing a Natural Spin Turn in Quickstep is fun, but be careful of other couples rushing into you. With Natural Spin Turn, you're essentially standing in the same spot for 4 counts. That's a lot of time for other couples to not pay attention to you and run into you.

Advanced Concepts
  • Right Side Forward: This same concept also applies in Foxtrot. Leaders, when you enter Natural Spin Turn, your right side is forward. When turning, your right side stays forward. Don't try to switch it to your left because that interferes with your turning, you have to switch back to your right side when you're done, and it messes up your partner. Just keep your right side forward.