Introduction: A Bronze level move for VW
Frame: Standard. Count: 1-2-3 (fast).
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move the same as one unit.

Instructions (Leader & Follower Perspective)
When a natural turn is being executed in VW, there are two types.
1) Leader moves forward, follower moves backward.
2) Follower moves forward, leader moves backward.
In both of these types, the moving forward and moving backward parts are the exact same for both Leader and Follower. Natural Turn is done just as in Waltz: rotating clockwise (looking down on the floor).

Natural Turn Forward
Begin by facing Line of Dance, both feet together (don't worry, you'll normally start VW in a more waltz-like position, but for the purposes of drilling Natural Turn into your head, we're starting in this position). Weight is on your left leg.
1) Right leg drives forward. Near the end of one, your right foot curves about 30 degrees to the right of LOD. This helps to set up beat 2.
2) Instantaneous weight transfer to the right leg. Right leg is now your standing leg. Keep the right knee bent and pivot on the right leg to swing the left leg around. You should finish beat 2 by facing the Wall (90 degrees right LoD). Weight is still on your right leg, left knee slightly bent. Your legs should form approximately a 30-60-90 triangle, with your left leg being the hypotenuse, floor is the 60 leg, and right leg is the 30 leg (these are obviously estimates, you won't be forming a perfect 3-6-9 triangle).
3) Instantaneous weight transfer to left leg as your left leg is now your standing leg. Using left leg as pivot, close your feet together by bringing the right foot in. Just as the right foot comes together with the left, weight switches back to the right leg. You are now facing Backing LoD.

Note0: Congrats! You just did a 180 VW Natural Turn!
Note1: Weight transfer is being used here to denote how your weight moves. For beats 1-3 of NT moving forward, your weight should be one continuous flow. The weight switch between legs is only to facilitate this and to help with turning.

Natural Turn Backwards
You have now just finished a NT forward, so you need to do an NT backwards. You begin where you finished NT forward, backing LoD. Weight is on right leg.
1) Left foot steps back. You can cheat a little bit by having turning your left foot slightly to the right. This helps with beat/step 2.
2) Similar to Step 2 of NT forwards, now you instantaneously weight transfer to left leg, using the left leg as a pivot to swing your right leg around. You finish Step 2 just as you finished Step 2 of NT forwards, just switched legs. So left leg is the standing leg, right leg is the hypotenuse, etc.
3) Instantaneous weight transfer to the right leg, turn on the right leg and simultaneously bring in your left foot. When your feet come together, weight switches back to your left leg.

Cheers. You should now be back to where you originally started, ready to perform another set of NT.

Tips and Tricks
  • Look Left: Always. No exception to either Leader or Follower. This will help with moving as described in AC below.
  • Driving Action: In both Natural Turns, you are still executing the basic concept of drive. The only difference now from English Waltz is that you're turning more. The weight transfers described above also occur in English Waltz, just not as quickly.
  • Forward v. Backward: Remember how in English Waltz, when you move forward, you're driving through/past your partner? And if you're going backwards, your job is to function as a door to let your partner go by? Same thing applies even more heavily in VW. Since couples must move quickly in VW, it is imperative that efficiency of movement be achieved. This can be done by a clear delineation of roles. The person moving forward is providing the momentum, so much that on beat 3, the person going backwards naturally closes feet because of the momentum to do so. And the person moving backward better not provide any additional movement since that's going to cause the person moving forward to have to travel further. Person moving backward literally functions as a door.
  • Tempo: Don't be silly and makes sure to take VW slow. Otherwise, you'll not get the necessary efficiency to be able to do the movements correctly.

Advanced Concepts
  • Head: Your head is heavy. It's about 10 pounds. And it's on your shoulders. The importance of keeping your head facing left is so that it functions as a weight. When doing NT's in VW, your head is a critical component that allows you complete your turn. It helps to swing you forward and move you back. Imagine if you were moving your head during VW: your rhythm would go all of whack.That's why we keep our heads left in VW.