This page will describe everything you need to know and do on the post-competition.

Improving Yourself: Right after competition is the best time to think about mistakes you made and how to fix them. Ask veterans for feedback, talk with your partner about what could be better to make yourself a better dancer. You don't just go to competitions to compete, you go to competitions to get better.

Dinner & Fun: Traditionally, P-Ton Ballroom goes out to dinner to relax. Have fun, talk with the veterans, eat food. Enjoy yourself. And on the bus ride home, do homework if you have to, but talking is a pretty good way to pass the time (so is sleep).

Rest: Your feet will hurt. Lots. Take at least the next day off, if not the next two or three. Apply bandages and Neosporin as needed and walk carefully.

Shower: Take a shower. After competition day, you will have a lot of stuff on you. Sweat, makeup, hairgel. A nice long shower to wash it all off.

Laundry: You've sweated buckets. Now, your feet are hurting, but trust me, you want to wash your clothes as soon as possible. Otherwise, your suitcase/bag and room are going to start to stink. And if you've got dresses, try hand-washing before taking them to the dry-cleaners. Sometimes, dry-cleaners just can't do it.