This page will describe everything you need to know in preparation before the competition.

One Month Out

Sign-Up: Before you can even compete in a competition, obviously, you have to sign up. Earlier is better. Why? For most competitions, early Registration means you usually pay less than regular registration.
Partner: Talk to the Rookie Team Captain or the veterans if you need help finding a partner. If you don't have a partner, that's alright. You can be TBA at competitions, which means you can be assigned a partner at the competition. Obviously, being able to practice a partner BEFORE the competition is best, but unfortunately, the numbers sometimes don't add up.
Practice: Assuming you've found a partner, PRACTICE. LOTS. WITH YOUR PARTNER. Individual practice is VERY different from working with a partner. In certain moves, there are more things to consider when you are in frame with someone then when you're simply dancing with air.

Two Weeks Out

Practice: I can't emphasize this enough. PRACTICE. Ballroom dancing is a team sport. You wouldn't go to anything without having prepared, right? Right. So prepare.
Communication: In addition to practicing, you need to talk to your partner about communication. How you critique each other and get better, how to communicate on the dance floor, etc.
Travel: You signed up for comp. Yay! Now...make sure you know how to get there. Is the Team going on a big bus trip? Are you having to buy your own train/bus tickets? Plan accordingly and plan ahead to save $ in your wallet.

One Week Out

Crunch Time: This is the time to really get things down if you haven't already. Ideally, you would have two weeks ago, but that probably didn't happen. This means knowing your routines to heart, knowing the moves, hitting up the details (but you should be doing this already. If you haven’t......better now than never).

Day Before You Leave

Packing: Here is a rudimentary list of things to pack.
Both Genders: Clothes, toiletries, homework, computer, food
Male: Dress shirt(s), undershirts, dress pants, shoe(s), black socks, hair gel, bowtie (or tie/vest).
Female: Dress(es), kit(s) of makeup, bobbie pins, heel(s).
Forms: Princeton is pretty big on red tape and paperwork. Prior to leaving for an out-of-town competition, you will be asked to fill out a travel medical form, detailing health insurance, emergency contact info, etc. Print out a copy and give it to the Travel Leader.
Transportation: Team Bus, MegaBus, train? Know how you're going to get to the venue and where you're staying and have those addresses handy.