There are a variety of resources out there to help you improve your ballroom dancing. Youtube videos, manuals, etc. Here are a few:
  • Princeton Ballroom Page
  • Princeton Ballroom Facebook Group
  • Princeton Ballroom Youtube
  • Ballroom A good site for seeing beginner videos
  • JUST DANCE A good site for reading up descriptions of dances (and seeing the wide variety of dances out there, not just the ones we do)
  • Ballroom Club at University of Michigan. This site has uploaded a manual on standard dances, with detailed footcharts of where to place your feet and for what moves. As of now, this wikispaces does not have footcharts and probably will not have footcharts for quite a while (too many descriptions and pages of moves to write up). That may be something in the future that we do, but for now, if you want a footchart on standard dances, UM Ballroom has it.