Introduction: A Newcomer level move for Foxtrot
Frame: Standard. Count: 1+2+3+4+.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
So what is with the title of this page begin Reverse Turn + FF? What's FF? Well, FF = Feather Finish. The reason for FF is because if I write "Reverse Turn + Feather Finish," I don't like how that looks in the navigation bar (two lines instead of one). Yeah, that's me.

Anyway, the reason why reverse turn is with feather finish is because it's a combo. in fact, Feather Step + Reverse Turn + Feather Finish is one of the most ubiquitous combos in Foxtrot. Everybody does it, from me to beginner couples all the way to the pros. So let's get started.

Reverse Turn
We will assume that you have just finished a feather Step, meaning you have done counts 1-4. In addition, weight is on the right leg, feet together. Note that Reverse Turn in Foxtrot is similar to reverse turn in Waltz. You will turn approximately 135 degrees to your left.
5) Drive forward with the left foot, heel-toe.

And) Split weight, your left heel and your right toe. If you've read the earlier steps in Foxtrot Newcomer, I hope you're getting the message that there's a lot of split weight in foxtrot. And that every single friggin' beat you are doing something, not just waiting for the next beat to come laong.
6) Weight shifts onto the left foot.
And) Right foot comes under body, feet are together.
7) Right leg swings straight forward, landing with your toe. As soon as your right toe touches the ground, you will rotate and now begin backing line of dance. It is important here that you do not suddenly shift your weight into your right leg because then you'll be falling backwards (if just slightly), dragging your partner with you. Which, your partner is busy executing a Heel Turn, so be nice and considerate to not pull her off balance.
And) Left leg comes under the body as it movies into position.
8) Left foot steps back, toe-heel.
And) Right leg comes back as well, feet gathered under the body in preparation for Feather Finish.

Note: Be sure to read what the Follower is doing. Because in doing Reverse Turn & FF, you need to be very considerate to your partner to pull this off.

Feather Finish
In this step, you will be turning another 135 degrees to your left.
1And2And) During the duration of these two counts, the right foot goes back toe-heel. You are rotating to your left during this Slow Count, more at the end than at the beginning. If you wish to cheat a little, you may by having your right foot twist slightly to assist. The reason why we're taking 2 counts is because during this time, your partner is moving past you. When you face diagonal wall (having transitioned from backing line of dance), your partner will be the one in front of you who's moving you along.
3) Left foot steps out, you are now facing the new direction (backing line of dance to going diagonal wall), landing with your toe and staying on toe.
And) Right leg swings under you, moving forward.
4) Right foot steps out, toe-heel this time, the heel being on the And of 4 as your left leg comes under you.
And) Left leg comes under you.

Common Mistake 1: During Counts 5 and 6 of Reverse Turn, your left side is presented forward. When you're backing line of dance, your left side stays forward. Do not transition, as tempting as it may be, to have your right side forward when your left leg steps back. This will make Feather Finish much harder. During Feather Finish, you are Outside Partner with your left side presented forward. And when turning 135 to the left, if your right side is forward, you interfere with your partner's ability to go past and around you. tl;dr, keep your left side forward at all times.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)

Tips and Tricks
  • Foot Turn: A way to cheat on the 135 degree turns is to twist the foot in the appropriate direction. So, if you're executing reverse turn leaders, your left foot can turn out slightly to the left. Going backwards, right foot turns counterclockwise to help. Of course, doing too much isn't very good to your ankle, so don't cheat too much. This is a temporary crutch rather than a permanent thing. Your end goal is still to move your weight onto the foot before rotating.
  • Your Own Weight: Followers, during the Heel Turn, one of the most common mistakes is for you to rely on you partner. You should be able to execute Heel Turn without having your partner. If you're not able to do so, you're using your partner as a crutch. And Leaders do not like being crutches, especially when that means Leaders get pulled off balance.

Advanced Concepts
  • Left Side Forward: In Fox, there are times we present the left side forward and times we present the right side forward. Please learn to realize during each move when which is which. In Reverse Turn & FF, you keep your left side forward in order to assist the transitino into FF>