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Introduction: A Newcomer/Bronze level Cha-Cha routine.
Frame: Start from open, proceed to fan, end however you like. Count: 4 beats.
Leaders and Followers: Different steps for leaders and followers after the spot turn.

A Brief Overview of Steps (Leader Perspective)

1. Syncopated New Yorker (heard Jeff say this once, though I might have misheard)*

2. Side chasse

3. Spot turn + side chasse

4. Left (underarm) turn + side chasse

5. Overturned alemana + lock step

6. Check forward + ronde chasse

7. Back/replace + hip-twist chasse into fan position

8. Hockey stick

In case I did, indeed, mishear, here is a clarification of this step: Start by going into a New Yorker for beats 2, 3. When you "close", instead of going into a side chasse, simply hold this position for beats 4, 1; keep your weight on your left foot for beat 4, and on the right for 1. Enter a New Yorker once more for beats 2, 3 and then proceed with the rest of the routine.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)

Tips and Tricks