Thanks to Cosmo Zheng for writing this.
Introduction: A fundamental silver level move for Rumba
Related figures: Curl, Rope Spin, Aida
Leaders and Followers: Same steps

  • Typically occurs on counts 4-1 or 2-3.
  • May be turned either L or R.
  • More frequently used by the follower, but the leader does use this step also.

These instructions are for turning to the L; turning to the R is the natural opposite.

  1. Rumba walk forward on R, partially transferring the weight so that it is 50-50 distributed.
    • At this point, do not settle the hip, but rather imagine a string hanging directly above you, which begins pulling your weight up.
  2. Bring the L leg in so that the L ankle is next to R ankle, gradually transferring weight from L to R.
    • Simultaneously, push off the back foot so that you rotate to the L.
    • Your L foot should trace the shape of a "spiral" as you simultaneously pull the leg towards the center while pushing yourself around the circle.
    • You should end in the same direction you started, having made a 360 degree turn with your weight now firmly planted over your R foot.
  3. Your L foot should now be free to take a further step forward.

Tips and Tricks
  • Remember the invisible string. Maintaining this sense of verticality is essential for performing this step with good posture and balance.

Frequently used Combinations

  • Spiral into Fan
    • Leader
      • Cross-body lead on 2-3-4, raising the hand on 4 and gently guiding the lady into a L spiral.
      • Lower the hand at the end of 1 to finish the spiral, take a back step on 2 and lead a Fan.
    • Follower
      • Beginning with weight on L foot on 3, L spiral on 4-1 stepping across the front of the leader.
      • Steps forward on 2 and continues into a fan.
  • Spiral into Aida

Advanced Concepts