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Introduction: A Newcomer level move. Often preceded by either a New Yorker or a Hand-to-hand.
Frame: Latin. Count: 4 beats. Continues form Basic, so start on the 2nd beat. Usage: Rumba, Cha-Cha.
Leaders and Followers: The exact same moves, simply mirrored.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
Begin from Hand-hold Position. Note: The AND's are not counted aloud, but they are steps that you should be doing.

2. Pivoting on your right foot, you spin to your right, placing your left foot in front of your right. This should be very similar to lock position, but don't lock your back knee. Weight is on your front foot.
3. A half spin. Spinning on you left foot, turn to you right so that you are now facing the opposite direction. Weight is still on your left foot (now the back foot). Right foot is pointed.
AND. Rock your weight to your front foot.
4. Bring your left foot next to your right. Weight is on the right leg, your left leg is bent at the knee with the left foot pointed.
AND. Shoot your left leg to your left. Left foot is pointed, weight is on the right leg.
1. Transition your weight to your left leg. Right foot is now pointed.

To complete another Spot turn, simply do the steps above, but with the opposite arms/legs.

Upper Body
When you spin right, your left arm acts as a hinge to propel both you and your partner. On Count AND 4 is when the hands come back together into Hand-hold Position. During your spin, you can do as you like with regard to arm position. It's fine to keep them out horizontally. Just make it look good.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
Moves are the exactly the same as the leader's, only reversed.

Tips and Tricks
  • Weight. What makes a move look good? Efficiency. Clean movement. Practice weight transfer to make your footwork look good and clean. In particular, don't forget about the AND steps.
  • Mirroring. With your partner, make sure you begin and end at the same time. You both want to leave and arrive at Hand-hold Position at the same time.
  • It's a Partnership. When beginning the spin turn, both parties should be contributing an equal amount of force. You can perhaps err in favor of the leader leading just a tad bit, but neither the leader nor the follower should be monopolizing when it is time to spin.

Advanced Concepts
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