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Hey! It's the end of July! Quickstep is all written up! (to the best of my ability).
Quickstep Natural Turn
Quickstep Natural Spin Turn
Rocket Run
Would you believe me if I told you work was hectic?
Apologies. Muse wasn't strong, and Friday was a tough work day and figuring out the Princeton Ballroom Comp in October. But I'll keep on whacking away at this stuff.
Cheers! We've got Progressive Chasse, Back Lock for Waltz done! And Natural Turn in Foxtrot! (though not Reverse, still working on that).

Nothing new this week. Self-studying Orgo + Cos 226 + DiffEq + CBE 250 is a little daunting. Just a little.
Apologies. The Muse wasn't very strong in me this week. But, I did get Feather + Three Step for Fox written up! Writing is tough.
Yeah! Jumpity Jump Jump Jump. VW is written for all moves!!!!!!
Heads up. I'm going to be moving to a weekly update schedule. Every Sunday, new changes will be announced and pushed to the wiki. That way, I have 7 days to think about what to write, how to write, and to actually write the thing.
Hitting Up a set of Bronze Waltz Moves. Hesitation has been written. Back Lock, Progressive Chasse, Basic Weave are on the menu.
Waltz Basic Tech and Closed Changes slightly updated. I'm quite surprised. I thought that 1-month old ballroom me would have butchered these two pages. Turns out, only very slightly modifications required.
Natural/Reverse turns updated with the Concept of Sway. Natural Spin Turn Follower has been written. Whick Chasse Follower has been written.
If you haven't noticed already, the pages I've updated currently have some new font called Baskerville. That's my own doing, as an experiment to see if I like it. Feedback would be nice on the fonts, so message me. And if you have suggestions as to what I should do for formatting, that would be great. Cheerio.
Apologies. I've been sorting through the 2200 emails in the PBDC email account. And trying not to superheat hot agarose solution in the microwave and spilling it on myself (internship). Anyway, I'm about 90% done on PBDC emails, so I'll be getting back to this soon. First up, cleaning up Waltz and writing up VW!

Gentlemen Apparel is done!
50% on Gentlemen Apparel.
Apparel: Shoes. Written!
FunnyThings! Always continuously updated with new stories.
Line of Dance: updated.
Floorcraft: updated.
PreComp: updated.

Holding Pattern.
Some Silver Steps have been written up.
Waltz is complete!
JIVE IS DONE. ERMYGAWDS. Huge hug and shoutout to Yotam for helping out!
FunnyThings under Miscellaneous.
Jive will be done soon. Yotam is helping as well. Yay!! The Navigation Bar is also completely revamped, as is the Things to Do page. And check out the Funny Things page under Miscellaneous.
Cha-Cha's and Rumba are done. Seriously. With the exception of Follower Perspectives and Advanced Concepts and Underam Turn, everything we've learned is on here. If not, let me know.
All of Cha-Cha has been formatted and written. Some Follower Perspectives are still required, as are advanced concepts for many things. There may also be misspellings, formatting errors, etc.

Jive Basic!
Reverse Turn. In need of follower instructions though.
Tango Basic. Should have reverse turn done soon.
Quickstep is done!
QuickStep Basic. New ideas for navigation/organization and other, general pages to be added.
Spot turn
A page for resources
Wiki Navigation.
Music Page
Moves Page
Rumba-Basic, Cha-Cha Basic, New Yorker. Tags.