This Page describes the things that need to be done on this wiki.

Color Code:
  • Red. Not even Created.
  • Yellow-Green. Work in Progress.
  • Blue. Done. However, these pages are in need of Advanced Concepts.
  • Purple. Done. In need of Follower Instructions.
  • Black. Version 2.0. Updated.


Floorcraft: How to avoid collisions, recover from collisions, and look good at competitions.
Frame and Body Position Page. This page is to describe how to stand/place weight in ballroom dancing, the frames unique to each dance (5-point contact in waltz, the closeness of tango, the big space in rumba/cha-cha), and the idea of connection: how partners communicate via frame and why frame is just so important. Also should include a section describing the roles of the Leader and the Follower.
Lesson Efficiency. How to get the most in individual and group lessons.
Line of Dance. Description of Cardinal directions, how to move along LoD, dances that have LoD.


Gentlemen. What to wear, the whole outfit.
Shoes. How to buy, what to buy, maintenance.


Pre-Competition: One Month Out, Two Weeks, right before. Forms, luggage, the importance of Practice!
Competition Day. Need help on Follower makeup and clothing.
Post-Competition: Minor Details, like laundry, showering, band-aids.

Latin Dances (5)

Cha-Cha Newcomer

  1. Cha-Cha Basic
  2. New Yorker
  3. Hand-to-hand
  4. Spot, Switch, and Underarm Turns
  5. Three Cha-Cha's
  6. Routine. Also need Follower.

Cha-Cha Bronze

  1. Alemana
  2. Fan
  3. Hockey Stick

Cha-Cha Silver

  1. Chasses: Rondo; Twist; Slip

Rumba Newcomer

  1. Rumba Basic
  2. New Yorker
  3. Hand-to-hand
  4. Spot, Switch, and Underarm Turns

Rumba Bronze

  1. Alemana
  2. Fan
  3. Hockey Stick

Rumba Silver

  1. Spiral
  2. Curl
  3. Aida
  4. Rope Spin

Jive Newcomer

  1. Jive Basic (Rock step and chasse)
  2. Fallaway Throwaway
  3. Change of Hands. Leader's part is short, but I'm not really sure what else there is to say for it.
  4. Change of Place. R to L needs to be written up.
  5. Hip Bump
  6. Routine

Jive Bronze

  1. American Spin
  2. Mooch
  3. Whip

Samba Newcomer

  1. Samba Basic (Rhythm Bounce and Whisks)
  2. Stationary Samba Walk
  3. Traveling Voltas
  4. Bota Fogos

Paso Doble Newcomer

Standard Dances (5)

Waltz Newcomer

  1. Waltz Basic (Technique)
  2. Closed Changes
  3. Natural Turn x2 (123123, DW)
  4. Reverse Turn x2 (123123, DC)
  5. Natural Spin Turn
  6. Whisk and Chasse

Waltz Bronze

  1. Hesitation Change
  2. Progressive Chasse
  3. Back Lock
  4. Double Reverse Spin
  5. Basic Weave

Waltz Silver

  1. Wing

Tango Newcomer

  • Tango Basic: 2 Walks and a Link (SSQQ), Closed Promenade (SQQS).
  • 2 curving walks and Open Reverse Turn (SS QQSQQS).

Quickstep Newcomer

  1. Basic: quarter turn (SQQS,DW) and Progressive Chasse (SQQS, backing DC).
  2. Lock Step (SQQS, DW)
  3. Natural Turn (QS)
  4. Natural Turn with Hesitation
  5. Natural Pivot Turn
  6. Natural Spin Turn
  7. Chasse Reverse Turn

Quickstep Open

  1. Rocket Run.

Foxtrot Newcomer

  1. Foxtrot Basic
  2. Feather Step
  3. Three Step
  4. Natural Turn (Fox)
  5. Reverse Turn & FF
  6. Closed Impetus & FF

Foxtrot Bronze

  1. Basic Weave (Fox)
  2. Change of Direction
  3. Natural Weave

Viennese Waltz Bronze
  1. VW Basic
  2. Natural Turn (VW)
  3. Reverse Turn (VW)
  4. Closed Changes (VW)

Viennese Waltz Silver
  1. Reverse Fleckerl

Viennese Waltz Gold
  1. Natural Fleckerl
  2. Contra Check (VW)