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Introduction: A Newcomer level move for Cha-Cha.
Frame: Latin. Count: 4And1, 2And3, 4And1
Leaders and Followers: Three forward chasses. When doing this move, you must do three forward chasses at a time. Otherwise, you will get off the beat.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
The most important concept to understand here is that with three cha-cha's, you are doing the same thing three times, either RLR or LRL. In addition, you are either doing said thing backwards or forwards.

Forward Cha-Cha with Lockstep
A forward cha-cha is a lockstep + another step after that. If you recall from Cha-Cha Basic, a lockstep is what you go into when stepping forward on count 2 as your right leg locks into your left leg.
We will assume to start with the weight on the right leg, left foot pointed.
4: Left foot steps forward, landing toe-first.
And: Right leg locks behind the left leg
1: Pushing off with your right leg, the left foot steps forward.
2And3: The same thing, but this time with left leg locking behind your right leg. When stepping forward on the 2, the right foot slides right by the left foot.
4And1: Same thing again, but now you're repeating the earlier 4And1.

Backward Cha-Cha with Lockstep
The same as going forward, but this time, you're going backwards. This is definitely trickier, so practice!
We will assume to start with weight on the right leg, left foot pointed.
4: Left leg steps back.
And: Right leg steps back, but only to the point of locking with the left leg. Think of it like a reverse lock: instead of the back leg locking into the front, the front locks into the back.
1: Pushing off with the right leg, the left foot moves back.
2And3: Same thing, opposite side.
4And1: Same thing, back to the original 4And1.

Transition between forward and back
Let's say you just finished 3 forwards. You are now starting on count 2
2: Left leg steps forward. Weight transfers onto left leg.
3: Weight transfers back onto right leg. From here, you begin going backwards.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
Same as Leader.

Tips and Tricks
  • Weight Transfer Efficiency: When doing lockstep forward, you don't want to have your weight fully transfer to your back leg. The reason being is because of inefficiency, not to mention that you're likely to settle onto your back leg, resulting in a noticeable decrease in height. Rather, you only need a small amount of push on your back foot to move forward from lockstep. Don't go for big steps here.
  • Pushing Off. This is a critical part of this move (as weight transfer usually is for everything). Remember, you are aiming for efficiency, so be sure you are pushing off with your back foot. The front foot stepping forward comes as a consequence of the back foot pushing off, not from its own volition.
  • Balancing Right and Left: It is highly likely that you will prefer one side to another. In fact, it's probably going forward with right leg locking behind the left is likely to be your favorite. This is because you do it so often in Cha-Cha/Rumba Basic. That being said, it's important that you become comfortable not only with right and left, but also forward and back.

Advanced Concepts
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