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Introduction: A Bronze level move for Jive.
Frame: Standard. Count: 1-2, Triple Step, 5-6, Triple Step.
Leaders and Followers: Leaders and Followers move differently.

Instructions (Leader Perspective)
This can be started either in open position, or from frame. Werner's routine calls for it to be done from open position, so these instructions will assume that's how you've started (starting from open position requires entry into frame, so it's a minute difference either way). Note that the timing for this is not 1-2, triple step, triple step. Rather, it is 1-2, triple step, 5-6, triple step. Before entering the Whip the leader's left hand should be with the follower's right.
1. Rock-step. Standard stuff, see Jive Basic.
2. Curving triple-step, akin to the one in a Change of Place. After completing the rock step, don't simply shoot your foot forward -- place it forward and slightly to the left, curved inwards. On the second step of the triple-step, close with your right foot without rotation. Finally, the last step of the triple-step curves a little bit in the same way (we were initially taught that this should be roughly a quarter turn, but Jeff later revealed that the degree of rotation is up to the leader).

During this triple-step, you should enter frame with your partner. They will be traveling straight, so try to rotate your upper body clockwise a little as you do this in order to lead the next step.

3. Cross right foot behind the left. This is done on the 5. Whether you rotate while doing this is up to you. If you want to increase the total rotation of your Whip, you may pivot a little on your left foot as you're crossing behind with the right.
4. Lift the left foot while pivoting on the right. On the 6, replace your left foot. This is meant to be a large rotation -- roughly 180 degrees. Be careful here; if you overdo it, your partner may or may not go flying.

5. Triple-step to the right. From here you can do almost anything. Our first experience with Whip had us transition into Walks, though Werner's routine goes into Mooch. Your choice.

Instructions (Follower Perspective)
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Tips and Tricks
  • Rotation: Watch a figure skater. When they go into their super-fast spin, what do they do? They pull their arms near their body to reduce radius and increase rotational velocity. On counts 5-6, don't be too far from your partner. Otherwise, it's difficult to control your spin.

Advanced Concepts
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